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Business Analysis & Development

Business Analysis & Development

Use your data to understand your organisation's needs and determine solutions to problematic issues that reliably improve your internal processes.

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Visualisation & Decision Support

Visualisation & Decision Support

Grasp the significance of your data at a glance identifying patterns and interconnections that help you take faster and better decisions.

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Systems & Data Integration

Systems & Data Integration

Transcend frustrating pains that hold you back by enabling your operations and business functions working together seamlessly, integration makes this happen.

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Business Intelligence products we support:

Microsoft BI

Microsoft includes an extensive set of Business Intelligence (BI) tools that provide those who are dependent on data analysis for planning and decision making with insight into their data in the most natural way possible.

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Qlik® provides BI and data management tools through interactive dashboards and visualisations delivering a high performance analytics platform with a self-serve visualisation interface easily customizable as required.

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UNIT4 WebInfo

Unit4 WebInfo is a powerful reporting tool that provides accounting, business intelligence, human resources, inventory, maintenance, manufacturing, project management, and supply chain functionality for organisations of all sizes.

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with UNIT4 »

Why us

  • Expertise


    We design, build, and implement complex and large BI solutions that analyze, predict, and improve product performance.

  • Innovation


    We are continuously looking into new technologies helping organizations integrate them with their existing BI and data warehousing systems.

  • Service


    We have a people-centric focus and understand our clients challenges beyond the technical issue, providing transformative data insights.

  • Support


    We strive to give our customers superb and personal support with up-to-date competence and creative viewpoints matching the fast-moving demands of today’s businesses.

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We deliver business value aligning projects to corporate strategy which results into development and long-term gains.

Our overall and accessible approach ensures that we respond to clients’ needs with expertness and urgency, addressing issues quickly and sensibly.


We are highly experienced professionals passionate about getting businesses ready for the future.

We apply deep industry knowledge and rigorous program management skills to understand the needs of your organisation and design the appropriate BI solution.


Through the latest BI tools, we help organizations achieve higher productivity, standardized processes, and integrated business functions.

We work together with our clients to deliver customized solutions that meet the changing needs of nowadays business conditions.

About us

Conira has worked with BI in various scenarios since its inception in 2008. Our ambition is, and has always been, to deliver individual and dedicated customer experiences based in the industry best practices.

We thrive on challenging complex technical issues and are always open to new ambitious projects. If you are interested in doing business with us or becoming our partner, please

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Making Business Smart.
Optimizing Data Connectivity.


Per-Åke Engström

Per-Åke Engström


Per-Åke E. has extensive experience in finance as well as Business Intelligence.

Jakob Svenhamn

Jakob Svenhamn

Senior consultant

Jakob S. has worked with BI-solutions in connection with ERP-systems for close to 20 years.

Christian Täng

Christian Täng


Christian T. possesses in-depth expertise regarding BI solutions and database technologies, with experience from both private and public sector.

UNIT4 WebInfo

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